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Super Mario Maker: News

Written by Will Blears

Super Mario Maker  for the Wii U should be available in September, however, simplifying the in-game function has not been a priority in terms of news.

The 30th Anniversary Mario Amiibo will be available in both Classic 8-bit Mario and Modern 8-bit Mario. Their in-game function include:

  • Add the famous Mario-stache to the enemies (I want stomp on a MarioGoomba!).
  • Add a Big Mushroom power-up for Mario in the game to thrash his way through the level.

So far, Amiibo from other series are compatible with the game. Simply scan the Amiibo on the game-pad and an 8-bit costume will be unlocked to use. To use this 8-bit costume, simply include the Mystery Mushroom in the level being designed and presto! Thus far 100 Amiibo are expected to be compatible with the game. Confirmed 8-bit characters such as Isabelle, Toad, Luigi, Wii Fit Trainer, Marth, Link, Peach, and many more, including unreleased Amiibo!

*This how the 8-bit character skins are expected to appear in the game

Click here to see the full list of compatible Amiibo for Super Mario Maker.


  1. Although simply scanning the Amiibo to unlock costumes is an option, keep in mind, the player may unlock these costumes in other methods. (Such as completing the 100 Mario Challenge.)
  2. Imagine if the 8-bit Marth can swing his Falchion or Kirby can suck in a Goomba and copy it’s ability? Unfortunately, this option isn’t available as these are just a re-skin for Mario.
  3. There is no word yet if the re-skin will be available in 3D or if this is even an option.


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