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GameStop Retro Three Pack amiibo information

Written by Will Blears

Everyone can now enter an hour early at 9AM. The Power Up Rewards Pro privilege has now been taken off.


It has been proven by a reliable source on the Reddit Amiibo community that GameStop will be holding an event on the 8th of August. However, it might be untrue, so take it with a grain of salt.

What is this about?

GameStop is holding an event for preorders with the Retro Three Pack coming out in September, the three pack includes R.O.B, Duck Hunt and Mr Game & Watch. This three pack will be exclusive towards GameStop.


Store are to receive at a bare minimum of 30 pre-orders, with larger stores getting more. Stores only receiving a certain amount of the pre-orders will stick to those numbers. Pre-orders will be cancelled if it is over that certain amount.

Remember what happened last time? How GameStop servers crashed?

Thankfully, GameStop will not be using the ‘Web In-Store’ preorder method any more, just the simple pre-order method where you put $5 down and on the release date (September the 11st), you’ll pay the rest and pick up the item. The item will not be available to ship.

Opening Hours?

Opening hours open usually at the normal store’s time. HOWEVER, Power Up Rewards Pro members are to enter an hour only.

Power Up Rewards Pro?

Yes, these members are able to enter and pre-order the three pack an hour earlier than usual member. In order to get the Power Up Rewards Pro privilege, you must pay $15 or use 15000 points you have earnt from Power Up Rewards.

Can I cheat the system?

I highly recommend that you do not, however it is possible. Your pre-order might also be cancelled.


We have no news on it, however, it is more likely for the individuals to come out in every store.

Head on over to GameStop on the 8th of August!

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