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Game UK Amiibo Preorders going live 10EST Time

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Written by Will Blears

Big Update: OK Game is an absolute let down, there website can’t handle the traffic and there are reports that people cannot even order if they live outside the UK. You can however, try and use this freight forwarding company for the UK.

Update: Trying to get a more secure answer for international shipping prices.

Update 2: Trying to see if I can build deep-links that directly add to cart, so you don’t even have to load the product pages.

Update 3: Trying to find an alarm alert browser thingy, so people can set it and get ready, this might work…Online Alarm Clock

UK – Daylight saving has made everyone confused, the clocks went forward in the UK about 4 weeks ago. However, just to be safe, be online & ready an hour before!

Game are finally going live with preorders at 10am EST time which will be the 3am GMT time.

UK Time / GMT Time

UK Time / GMT Time

Does Game ship to the US?

Yes, it will cost approximately $25-30 after shipping for one single figure.

Also – Game’s own delivery details.

PandaUBear from Reddit kindly posted the following:

Just to make it easier for people, I played around with the cart to see how much they would turn out to be (these are converted USD prices with shipping and VATS[uk version of tax i think?] included):

  • 5 amiibo: 138.67 (27.73 each)
  • 4 amiibo: 112.65 (28.16 each)
  • 3 amiibo: 86.64 (28.88 each)
  • 2 amiibo: 60.62 (30.31 each)
  • 1 amiibo: 34.60

Do Game charge on preorders?

No, they only charge once the product has been shipped.

Will there be enough stock?

Game have explicitly said that stock with be fairly good, considering they know what demand there is for the Amiibo figures I’d still recommend getting them as early as possible. However, I am assuming there will be more stock allocation than we have seen on other retailer sites.

Are Game reliable?

Yes, they are the biggest gaming specialist in the UK, they get a significant amount of customers every month from international countries and are well aware of the current Amiibo craze.

Can you cancel Game preorders?

Yes, it’s much easier than ShopTo, check details here: Game cancellation

Yes, to submit your cancellation request, please Contact Us quoting your order number. You may also cancel an order in the My Orders section of the site if you have an Account.

Below are the deep-links to all currently unreleased Amiibo figures:

And Splatoon Wave 1 Preorders

How to secure them all?

My advice, get them all open in individual browsers and ensure you are logged in, then when the whistle blows just add to cart from each individual tab and then order from one cart.

Why are game updating at 3am and technically screwing over the UK fans whilst they sleep?

According to Game’s Twitter page it is an automated update – I know for a fact that Game have IT update pushes that go on daily, I am assuming an update like this had to be organised and prepared before going live.

For UK Fans – preorders will also be live in-store tomorrow, so don’t worry too much.

Stay tuned for more preorder news, and check out our monster preorder page with deep links to every retailer right here.

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