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Dr Mario confirmed as Target Exclusive

Written by Will Blears

If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, it is now confirmed that Target has now got their hands on their 3rd exclusive, Dr. Mario. Which is surprising, since Target is known for getting their hands on the ‘girl exclusives’.

But, don’t expect this to be a hard hunt, Target is delivering over 100000 to their local stores. If you do the math, Target has 1799 stores in America, let’s take the number 100000, and divide it by 1799, and you get approximately 55, not to say that all stores will get them. There is also online stock, which has about 50000 available, predicted to be available on release day.

All of this information is verified and proven by an anonymous Reddit user.

Good luck with the hunt! Hopefully, it will be an easy one.

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