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Cloud, Bayonetta & Corrin – What we know!

Amiibo cloud and bayonetta
Written by Will Blears

Rumours, speculation and anticipation are running high with the announcement that Cloud, Bayonetta & Corrin will be coming to Nintendo’s Amiibo game. However, since then we’ve heard very little else regarding the three figures, such as when they will be released. Whilst we can all speculate, it’s not much good without some solid evidence or an official announcement, so with that being said we’ve been doing some digging around and this is what we’ve found so far.

Multimedia (Belgium Retailer)

Here we have found all three listings for Cloud, Bayonetta & Corrin with release dates of the 31st December 2016, which could definitely be placeholders (many retailers add products with unknown release dates as the 31st December). However, if you read further on you will see EB Games Australia mentions a 2017 release date which could mean January so with that in mind you would expected a December 2016 launch for Europe and January 2017 for Australia.

I’ve also checked other listings they have for Amiibo figures that have not yet been launched, such as King Dedede from the Kirby Series and the release date is correct stating 10th June 2016 as you can see here.

nintendo amiibo cloud release date

You can view the product pages on Multimedia right here: Cloud | Bayonetta | Corrin

EB Games Australia

We’ve found all three figures listed on EB Games Australian retailer with the ability to preorder and a placeholder release date of 2017. Now, considering Amiibo generally do seem to release later in Australia compared to the US and Europe, this goes hand in hand with what we’ve found from our other retailers suggesting a US release date of December 2016. In this case, I’d imagine Australia’s release date to be January 2017.

ebgames australia cloud, bayonetta and corrin release dates

You can view the product pages on EB Games Australia right here: Cloud | Bayonetta | Corrin


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