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CANADA + MEXICO – Dark Pit Guide!

Written by Will Blears

Too much news on ‘Best Buy’ exclusive Dark Pit, what about love for other countries? Here it is!

Here’s a guide to obtaining Dark Pit in Canada and Mexico!



Dark Pit is not an exclusive in Canada! Huzzah to all Amiibo Canadian fans! No pre-orders although, here’s a full list on where to get your Dark Pit in Canada!

  • Toys ‘R’ Us

Will be receiving 8 to 20 per store. Toys ‘R’ Us stores normally open at 9AM, but make sure to check your local store’s opening time, as it can differ. There will also be online sales, however, no time has been given. So keep F5ing!

  • Best Buy

Best Buy Canada is doing the opposite of Best Buy US. Stock will be handled online-only! The figure will go up at 12PM (EST). The Best Buy link is [here].

  • EB Games

EB Games will be receiving 2 to 12 per store. EB Games stores normally open at 9:30AM, but check your local store’s opening time, as it can differ. There will also be online sales at 12PM (EST), but no link has been given (or the product hasn’t been made for the online website).

  • Indigo

Indigo will also handle their stock online-only! There is no time given on when the figurine will go up. The link is [here].

  • Walmart

Walmart will also handle their stock online-only! Their stock will be up at 1PM (EST). The link is [here].

  • Amazon Canada

Amazon’s stock will go up at 5PM (EST). Keep refreshing on this page [here]!


Seems Canadians will have the most choice! However, let’s go to the short end of the stick.


Mexico is a store exclusive to Gamers and El Palacio de Hierro.


  • Gamers

Your out of luck, the amiibo was available to purchase the day before at 11:59PM. However, online orders should happen today at this link [here].

  • El Palacio de Hierro

Head on over to your local store today. There has been no announcements on how many allocated, nor has there been any announcement if online orders will happen. So you just got to cross your fingers and hope to come across this figure.


Seems like Mexicans got screwed over the most, with El Palacio de Hierro only basically having 6 stores. Good luck to you guys~

That’s it folks, good luck to all of you!

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