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Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer NEW 3DS

Written by Will Blears

In PAX, there was an announcement made that the NEW 3DS is going to be available in North America. However, what makes this announcement so special is that the Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer NEW 3DS Edition is going to be released. GameStop has already set up pre-orders in their website for those who have been waiting for a good design or those who are interested in the Animal Crossing Series.

The system is bundled with two sets of cover plates: One with Isabelle‘s face and clothing-inspired design which is mignon for those who are feeling cheery.


Photo credit: GameStop

The other set of face plate is the adaptation of the game’s box-art cover which brings that lively and home feeling when looked upon.


Photo credit: GameStop

The NEW 3DS is also going to support the Amiibo features. Which is great for those who are unsure if this feature is available in the smaller system.

The game is going to be pre-installed in the system. So are there going to be cards bundled with the system? According to GameStop‘s website, Amiibo cards will be bundled with the system. This is an enticing bundle, I am willing to fork over money I do not have because of the appealing and vibrant image the bundle provides. 

Pre-order your system here GameStop



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