Animal Crossing Amiibo Cards [Sold Out]

Written by Will Blears

After receiving duplicates of Amiibo Cards which can be utilized for Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, I wanted to see if I can test my luck again and hopefully score Isabelle or Tom Nook.

So on Wednesday Oct 7th, I did my evening walk to GameStop, anticipating to purchase another card pack. However, I was informed that they apparently sold out in that store and around local GameStop. At first I thought the GameStop employee was bluffing and was exaggerating. I thought to myself, Amiibo figurine always are in short supply, how can easily producible cards be in short supply?

When I tried to order a set in Amazon, I could only find the Japanese/European one (which only provides 3 cards instead of 6). I tried searching Amazon third-party, but they doubled the price which I refuse to pay for two packs I could purchase if I wait patiently.

Then I tried purchasing in-store at Target and Wal-Mart, there was no card to be found. As for the Online, neither has them in-stock. How are Amiibo Cards out of stock in the first place? They are easily reproducible, but yet in North America they are rarely in store. According to the GameStop in-store pick up, the nearest store that has these cards in-stock is in the city of Valencia (I live in California, Los Angeles).

How is this possible!? I did not foresee the popularity of these cards. I regret not buying more, but then again, this might be temporary. What bothers me about this that these cards are easily reproducible, but lack the supply for the demand. Then again, it is possible Nintendo did not anticipate the success of the Amiibo cards to equate to Amiibo figurines.


Apparently Amazon has the Amiibo cards available for purchase. The cards will not be in-stock until October 14

Click Here to purchase from Amazon

Did you get the card you want? How do you feel about this Amiibo Card Shortage? Leave me a response on the comment section below.

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