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Animal Crossing Amiibo Card Album for Europe

Written by Will Blears

Nintendo has recently announced that an Amiibo Card Collector Album for the upcoming 3DS game, Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer, will be released. This album will be available alongside the game’s release date on October 2nd, 2015. In the collector’s album, there will be an open spot available for all of Series 1 cards.

This is similar to the Pokémon Card series, in which the person has an album book to display and organize their collection. However, unlike the Pokémon album cards, there are white silhouette of characters displayed in the background in each plastic pouch. Useful to organize the cards for reference and easy access for use.

Plus, if the collector is having trouble distinguishing the silhouette characters, there seems to be a list of Animal Crossing characters in the very front page of the album. This page might be a guide for newcomers who are unaware of other critters in the series.

There is no word yet if the Amiibo Card Album will be available in the U.S. or Japan.

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