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Amiibo Rares

Last Updated: April 2016

Table of Contents

  1. Amiibo Rarity Rankings
  2. Super Smash Bros Series
  3. Super Mario Series
  4. Splatoon Series
  5. Skylander Superchargers
  6. Shovel Knight
  7. Kirby Series
  8. Twilight Princess
  9. Pokkén Tournament
  10. Yoshi’s Woolly World Series
  11. Chibi Robo Series
  12. Animal Crossing Series
  13. Super Mario 30th Anniversary Series

History of Amiibo supply & demand

After the first wave of Amiibo figures hit the shelves it did not take long for collectors and fans alike to catch on that certain figures were no longer being stocked on retailers shelves. This all began with Marth, Wii Fit Trainer and the Village, since the first wave most additional waves of Amiibo figures have contained at least one rare or ultra-rare figure making the list of unobtainable figures quite significant.

Early reports from Nintendo reported that the issue wasn’t due to manufacturing but simply down to supply and demand as well as distribution. Nintendo continued to highlight that certain Amiibo may return at some point in the future however details were scarce. Marth was eventually restocked in time for the launch of Code Name S.T.E.A.M.

As time went on the demand for Amiibo grew ten fold and as soon as wave 2 and wave 3 hit the shelves additional rare and ultra-rare figures began to appear. This started with Captain Falcon, Little Mac & Pit and carried on to King Dedede & Ike. One of the hardest wave’s to find was Wave 4 which included Jigglypuff which was selling on Target’s website at a rate of 500 units per minute. Afterwards, Robin & Lucina the Fire Emblem duo became the next most difficult figures to purchase, with most stores only receiving 3 to 4 units each (if they received any at all).

Nintendo continued to make changes to it’s distribution chain in order to re-supply retailers and re-stock popular figures as quickly as possible, they also worked on ensuring preorder availability was better than it had been previously. However, issues regarding distribution and re-stocking are still challenging Nintendo’s business and making significant issues for Amiibo fans and collectors, with the demand of Amiibo figures being so high scalpers are having a field day making profits of the back of us collectors. The list below is to help Amiibo fans and collectors understand which figures are easiest to find and purchase, which are currently more difficult to find and which are almost impossible to find.

Remember: most amiibo figures will be restocked at some point, if you are patient you can purchase for RRP otherwise there are plenty of third party sellers if you don’t mind paying a premium. Apart from that there is always the option of importing from another region.

Amiibo rarity can be very confusing and ever changing so be sure to check back here often for when amiibo become easier or harder to find or when new figures come out to know how rare those amiibo will be! Lastly we will be ranking the amiibo with Common, Uncommon, Semi-Rare, Rare and finally Ultra-Rare.

Amiibo Rarity Rankings

The ranking has been calculated based on the obtainability of amiibo both in-store and online and have also been broken down in to regions. This does not reflect third party vendors or is it meant as a price guide for current or future market value.


Very easy to find at MRSP – usually available at 70% – 100% of retailers and easily available online from Amazon, Best Buy, Target and so on.


Generally found at 40% – 70% of retailers, relatively easy to purchase after going to a few retailers or via an online search.


They probably won’t be in stock at most retailers, approximately 10% – 40% however can still be found with a little patience and some research. These figures generally come in and out of stock fairly regularly, however you need to be online and waiting for the stock to become active to purchase as the stock does not last for very long.


Generally not available at any major retailers with usual odds at between 5% – 10%. You can usually purchase them from marketplaces such as eBay & Amazon for under $50 though. Other than this you can import them from other regions or await a restock which could take a significant amount of time but also takes a significant amount of patience and trawling of the web to monitor restocks (not for the faint hearted)

Warning: restocks in this bracket and beyond sell out within minutes.

Ultra Rare (Unicorn)

These are virtually unobtainable via MSRP – to purchase you generally have to purchase via a third party vendor or private sale using marketplaces such as eBay & Amazon.

Important: Amiibo figures are well-known for going in and out of stock, do not mistake an amiibo figure becoming out of stock as being an ultra rare/unicorn figure as the chances are they will be back in stock soon.

Super Smash Bros Series

First off is the Super Smash Bros Series. The rarity of figures in this series varies so we hope this guide helps you out! As stated above. All of the Smash Bros Series is not out yet so be sure to check back for when more information is released about rarity of figures.

US Rare Guide

Wave 1Rarity
Donkey KongUncommon
FoxVery Rare
Wii Fit TrainerUltra Rare
VillagerUltra Rare
MarthUltra Rare
Wave 2Rarity
Diddy KongUncommon
Little MacUltra Rare
PitUltra Rare
Captain FalconUltra Rare
Wave 3Rarity
LucarioUltra Rare
RosalinaVery Rare
Toon LinkUncommon
IkeVery Rare
Meta KnightUltra Rare
King DeDeDeUltra Rare
ShulkUltra Rare
Wave 4Rarity
WarioSemi Rare
CharizardSemi Rare
LucinaUltra Rare
RobinUltra Rare
NessSemi Rare
GreninjaVery Rare
Wave 5Rarity
Zero Suit SamusUnknown
PalutenaUltra Rare
Dark PitVery Rare
Bowser Jr.Unknown
Dr. MarioUnknown

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Super Mario Series

Next is the Super Mario Series. Most aren’t that hard to find but some might give you a problem.

Wave 1

  • Mario – Common
  • Luigi – Common
  • Peach – Common
  • Yoshi – Common
  • Bowser – Common
  • Toad – Uncommon
  • Mario – Silver Edition – Uncommon
  • Mario – Gold Edition – Ultra-Rare

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Splatoon Series

Now we have the small series of the Splatoon amiibo.

Wave 1

  • Inkling Boy – Uncommon – purchase here!
  • Inkling Girl – Semi-Rare – purchase here!
  • Splatoon 3-pack – Semi-Rare – purchase here!
  • Inkling Squid – Rare – purchase here!

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Yoshi’s Woolly World Series

Here’s another small series, the Yoshi’s Wooly World line of adorable plush amiibo!

Wave 1

  • Green Yarn Yoshi – Unknown Rarity
  • Blue Yarn Yoshi – Unknown Rarity
  • Pink Yarn Yoshi – Unknown Rarity

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Chibi Robo Series

Next the uber small series consisting of just 1 amiibo. The Chibi Robo Series

Wave 1

  • Chibi Robo – Unknown Rarity

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Animal Crossing Series

Here we have the line of our favorite bipedal animal friends. Animal Crossing!

Wave 1

  • Isabelle (Winter Outfit) – Common
  • Mabel – Common
  • Tom Nook – Common
  • Cyrus – Common
  • Reese – Common
  • Digby – Common
  • K.K. Slider – Common
  • Lottie – Common

Wave 2

  • Resetti – Common
  • Blathers – Common
  • Celeste – Common
  • Kicks – Common
  • Timmy & Tommy – Common
  • Rover – Common
  • Kapp’n – Common
  • Isabelle (Summer Outfit) – Unknown

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Super Mario Bros 30th Anniversary Series

Lastly (for now) we have the line of pixel Mario amiibo in honor of our favorite plumber’s 30th Anniversary!

Wave 1

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