Amiibo News Thus Far

Shovel Knight Amiibo Figure
Written by Will Blears

Hello Everyone Iheartamiibo reader (if you’re still out there)!

I apologize for the dormant news in our team (if they didn’t get lost in the lost woods), but we should be back on running soon. Since our dormant here are the following highlights of Amiibo news

Amiibos are no longer an issue! At GameStop website, one can purchase almost all the rare amiibo such as Captain Falcon, Lil Mac, Lucario (previously a Toys R Us Exclusive), Ike, and Greninja (same situation as Lucario).


Mewtwo Amiibo was released! EVERYWHERE (well in California)! Yes, Mewtwo is now available for purchase in every retailer and without a single hassle. I walked into Walmart the other day and saw an army of Mewtwo ready to be purchased by fans.


Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival amiibos are available now! Yes, AC:AF is available to purchase and the amiibo that is compatible with the game is also abundant. I walked into two Target thus far and the exclusive amiibo Lottie takes up the whole shelf.



If you’ve been late with the news, here are the highlights thus far. In the future, we’ll do our best to keep the info coming in.

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