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Written by Will Blears

Remember that lovely cute Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer Album book that was exclusive to Europe? Well now the US will be receiving their own version on December 7, 2015!

Although it’s purpose is similar to the European version, unfortunately, the only detail is that the album will just carry 4 cards in each pocket “back and forth”, with a potential capacity of 112 cards the store in the album.

The front design is taken by the game’s box-art cover, expanding to the front of the yard. Having that cheerful and joyous atmosphere of animals enjoying their new home. For the back design, it’s taken from a random house with random animals spread around. I strangely do not like the back cover, I feel as if they should have done the back side of the house or something.


Regardless of the design not meeting my personal taste, necessity beats over preference. If you’re a commuting student like me and have no pouch to store such fragile cards, you can pre-order your album to store your collection. Currently, you can purchase this gleeful storage only in Amazon. But check back here as I will update if any other retailers such as GameStop or Toys R Us offers this product or similar to it.

Click Here to pre-order your portfolio at Amazon

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