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Zero Suit Samus amiibo Giveaway

Written by Will Blears

It’s the first iHeartAmiibo giveaway, and **drumroll**, it’s a Zero Suit Samus amiibo!


  • The Zero Suit Samus amiibo is an Australian/European version!
  • Zero Suit Samus is New In Box!

How to enter?

On iHeartAmiibo

  • Comment below on why you want the Zero Suit Samus amiibo.

On Reddit

  • Comment on Reddit why you want the Zero Suit Samus amiibo.


For more giveaways, coming very soon!

Item will be shipped?

The item will be shipped by Australia Post towards any international country. It will take about 1 to 2 weeks.

Poll time!

What do you want from the next giveaway? Highest votes win!

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Will Blears

A twenty-something gaming enthusiast who loves all things toys to life. A massive tech geek who loves writing about his favourite games.

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