Release date: November 21, 2014

Compatibility: Wii U for Super Smash Bros series, Hyrule Warriors series, Mario kart 8 series

Series: Super Smash Bros.

Rarity: Common

Yoshi is the close, trusted friend and sidekick of Mario and Luigi. He is a dinosaur with a prehensile tongue that can be stretched to a very surprising distance. This not only allows Yoshi to eat anything it wants, but this ability also allows Yoshi to spit and throw anything that can’t be eaten at its enemies. The tongue is also used as a grappling hook at times to pull objects or to reach out to unreachable areas. Another one of Yoshi’s features is its ability to lay spotted eggs wherever it wants after swallowing objects. These eggs can then be thrown at enemies or objects. Yoshis have different abilities depending on which their skill also changes like the red Yoshi breathes fire and the blue Yoshi has wings.

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