Release Date – Feb 2015

Compatibility – Super Smash Bros (Wii U & 3DS), Hyrule Warriors, Mario Party 10 & Captain Toad Treasure Tracker

Series – Super Smash Bros

Rarity – Uncommon

Sonic the Hedgehog one of the most loved character first made his appearance in the animated series named after him. His character figure is due to be released in February 2015 in the 3rd waver of Amiibo figures. In video games Sega introduced Sonic in 1991 to take on the Nintendo’s Mario in the market. As a smash character he makes appearance in Super Smash Bros. Brawl for the first time as a 3rd party character.

Sonic is fastest and most free willed hero in the world who loves adventure. He is known for his supersonic speed and signature blue spikes with red shoes. Dr. Eggman is his antagonist with whom he gets into straight head on fight with cool attitude and calm demeanor to save the world.



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