Release date: December, 2014

Compatibility: Wii U for Super Smash Bros series, Hyrule Warriors series

Series: Super Smash Bros.

Rarity: Common

Pit was earlier known as Kid Icarus. He is the protagonist of the Kid Icarus series well known as the captain of Palutena, the goddess of lights, royal guard. While Pit has wings on his back, he cannot fly without the power of flight from Palutena. Pit is known for his skill in defeating the underworld goddess, Medusa’s attempt to resurrect. Pit is highly skilled an in fact has certain skills similar to three Nintendo characters. Pit is equally adept at jumping like Mario and uses ability enhancing objects like Link. He can also shoot down his enemies like Samus making him the complete package. An important characteristic of Pit apart from his wings is his bow also known as Pit bow that he found in the underworld and fires the arrows of light.

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