Diddy Kong



Release date: December, 2014

Compatibility: Wii U for Super Smash Bros series, Hyrule Warriors series

Series: Super Smash Bros.

Rarity: Common

Diddy Kong is the wannabe nephew of the world famous Donkey Kong.  He lives in the Kongo jungle on Donkey Kong Island. Diddy Kong is a spider monkey and can be easily recognized due to his famous trademark red shirt with two stars on it. He also carries a rocketbarrel pack and wears the unique red cap which has the Nintendo logo on it. He is known for his speed and curiously long tail.  Diddy Kong is known to team up with other characters like Donkey Kong, his girlfriend Dixie and Cranky to fight against the invading Snomads to protect his island and the sinister Captain K. Rool. While he was supposed to be a sidekick to Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong himself has now become a renowned and much loved character.

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