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How to preorder from Amazon Japan & Costs

Amazon Japan Amiibo
Written by Will Blears

Update – Ordering via Amazon Japan & Tenso: It’s become clear that unfortunately Amiibo at this point in time are not available for Global Shipping through Amazon Japan. You can however, still order from Amazon Japan and have them delivered to you in the USA by going through a very popular company called “Tenso“.

ordering amiibo through tenso

How does Tenso work?

They work by giving you a Japanese domestic address to place your order with through Amazon, the Amazon goods are then delivered to this address and then forwarded on to your International address via Tenso.

You can calculate shipping fees here: Calculate Tenso shipping fees

Are Tenso reliable?

Unfortunately, I’ve not used the service so due diligence is definitely needed, however on a quick scour of reviews / internet sources I found the following which seems to highlight that Tenso is a great service, however their international delivery fees can be some what expensive, definitely worth using the calculator first!

Read up on Tenso reviews here: Reddit users thoughts on using Tenso

And now, back to Amazon Japan and ordering through their service…

With all of the current headaches over preordering Amiibo Super Smash Bros wave 4 & the first Splatoon wave 1 figures, I’ve noticed a couple of people have begun to preorder from Amazon Japan.

Whilst this is a more expensive option, it would probably work out more beneficial, since the hours you will save waiting for the next preorder launch to go live on Gamestop, Amazon or Best Buy will probably take years off of your life. Not to mention the post traumatic stress disorder you will most likely get during the process.

With that being said, I thought I’d give a thorough explanation as to the process & costs behind preordering from Amazon Japan, as well as the international shipping costs, time-frames and so on.

So, let’s get started.

How to preorder Amiibo’s from Amazon Japan?

What you will need to do:

  1. Go to
  2. Load up (currency exchange)

Also, added tip – change to English (only limited translations, better than nothing though)

To change the to English there is a button the product page, it only translates a certain criteria of text, but it’s better than nothing – you can find it here:

amazon japan amiibo order

Top right hand corner, above the add to shopping cart button

OK, first things first, go to, choose the Amiibo figures you want to preorder and add to your cart.

Super Smash Bros – Wave 4 – Amazon Japan Preorders

Splatoon – Wave 1 – Amazon Japan Preorders

Or, use our deep links to individual products below:

Or order the triple pack here:

Amazon Japan bargains

There are definitely some bargains to be had on Amazon Japan if you are looking to order, such as the following:

Wii Fit Trainer (1 in stock) – US Price $19.10

On Amazon US, the Wii Fit Trainer figure is $29, so your saving $10 right there.

For the serious collector, Captain Falcon is available for 4300 Yen the equivalent of $36 where as on Amazon US it’s $52.99.

You can check Captain Falcon right here.

OK, so by now you should have decided whether or not your going to order from Amazon Japan, got your shopping list together and added them to your cart.

Next, the international delivery prices & taxation.


To summarise what the above links say:

Amazon Japan – North America

The per order cost of shipping to North America is $6.72 (800 Yen) plus $8.45 (1000 Yen) per KG.

Amazon Japan – Central & South America

The per order cost of shipping to Central & South America is $8.45 (1000 Yen) plus $18.49 (2200 Yen) per KG.

Amazon Japan – Europe

The per order cost of shipping to Europe is 7.65 Euros (1000 Yen) plus 7.65 Euros per KG.

International shipping FAQ

1. Who carries out the shipment?

DHL will be responsible for the shipping of your Amiibo goodies.

What about custom duties, tax & fees?

For those from the USA concerned about custom duties, tax & fees – Amazon Global’s service combines a calculated fee in the overall order process so in the majority of cases there will be no additional costs to you.

You can read more about this here.

My experience…

I haven’t ordered the amiibo’s Amazon Japan yet as I am going to Kyoto in 6 weeks, however I did do global shopping on Amazon US to South Korea last year for the launch and it was very easy, I paid $54 overall for shipping & tax, but I ordered a lot.

Share your experience

If any readers do decide to purchase from Amazon Japan, please let me know about your experience – otherwise if anyone has any questions, I’d be more than happy to help you.

Thanks – happy hunting guys and girls.

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