What happens with the money this website generates?

Hi, my name is Will – I run this website, along with the iheartinfinity community – if you have landed on this page no doubt you are wondering what happens with the small percentage of commission the website generates from people purchasing products through our links.

Firstly, let me be clear – this in no way affects your sale, the price of the sale or quality of your goods or anything else.

It’s basically a retailers way of saying thank you to the website which brought you there, us.

What do I do with this money?

Website maintenance

  • Server costs: $124.75 per month
  • Web Design: $1,600 one off fee
  • Aweber (to email you guys): $69.99 per month
  • Sucuri (to keep people from hacking the sites): $89.99 per year

These are the majority of monthly costs, there are more but these give you an idea of what it costs to run a website like this.

What else does the money go to (if the site generates more)?

The future of the website, let me be clear I take no money away from the website, absolutely $0.


I re-invest in to making the website better, if you request features I get them developed, if you want a mobile app I get it developed.

Examples of this can be seen on the Disney Infinity website:

All of the above cost a lot of money…and a lot of my time (9 months of project management for the app).

Anyways, I don’t want to waste any more of your time – but next time you consider making a purchase from one of your favourite retailers, think of going through one of our links first and if anyone tells you don’t click on our links they just want your money so they can get rich- that simply does not happen, definitely not here.

Thanks for reading,

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