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Cole’s Custom Showcase Week 2!

Written by Will Blears

Hello once again everyone. It’s Cole here for week two of the iheartamiibo custom showcase! I apologize for my tardiness on this article, I fell ill over the weekend and couldn’t do much to anything, let alone write a quality article. I’m much better now, and here to show off some more amazing work that you all have sent in! Lets take a look!

Tentacool from Pokémon

This beautiful custom comes to us from instagram and reddit user @KrysInColor. Personally, I absolutely love the painting done on the used-to-be ink and how much it looks like actual water! Not to mention the red spots on the squid pokémon’s head are straight and aligned very well. Unlike while surfing in Pokémon, I was happy to see this Tentacool!


Mario and Yoshi

A user named /u/cloudstorm1020 sent in this custom, and I have to say that I quite like it. First off, I absolutely love Super Mario World, the first game Yoshi and Mario debuted in together, so it wasn’t hard to instantly appreciate it. Yoshi is very well painted, and I’d like to see how the artist made Mario in such a perfect pose. Quite an impressive work indeed!


Fierce Deity Toon Link

If you couldn’t see by the picture, /u/blazinsamazin sent this in to me, as well as a ton of other customs that are equally amazing. This one was my favorite one out of the bunch, just because of how detailed it is! (The fact that Zelda is my favorite game series of all time probably had something to do with it as well…) All bias aside, this work is exceptional, especially the Fierce Deity Sword! I love how it’s shaped and cut to actually reflect the in-game design.

Thank you all so, SO much for your submissions once again. I love seeing all of the talent that is out there and I hope you enjoyed the article. Next week will hopefully run a bit smoother so I can get the article out on Saturday! I appreciate everyone who currently reads my articles and I look very much forward to next weekend. As always, stay fresh and I’ll see you all later this week!

If you would like your custom to be featured, drop me a line with pictures of your work at or keep an eye out for my reddit post on the amiibo subreddit in the latter half of the week.

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