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At last Animal Crossing: Happy Home Designer has finally arrived to the North America (October 2nd for Europe).

Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer is a spin-off of the Animal Crossing series. However, instead of changing the furniture in your house, get/use bells, sell rare fishes for wads of bells, and/or dress up, the player is given the opportunity to design homes and public spaces for fellow villagers.

From the start of the game, the character Lottie asked if I was a boy or girl. After that option is selected with other basic personal questions (what is my birthday, what am I wearing, why am I playing video games instead of doing my French Homework!?). The creation commence by customizing the facial feature of the villager with a selection of option for design. You can change the eye/hair color and style of the villager.


Current design of my Villager, I love a man with a wild hair! And thus I created my dream Villager! 

Customizing Homes

What is interesting about this game is that all you have to do is comply to the villager’s request. After that, the player can do almost anything as they please as long as the player includes the requested furniture.

For example, some villagers would request color specific furniture or theme based customization.  In the first request, a villager wanted a book-worm house. Once I enter a villager’s home, there are boxes in the middle of the room the player must tap to open. Whatever poofs out of these boxes, the player must include them in the final product(If there is none, look in the clipboard icon to see what the villager is requesting). After setting the wall paper, the floor-tile, and add/removing furniture, I speak to the villager and if the request is met, a mini-montage begin showing the villager enjoying their new home commences.

After a couple of interior designing, the player may exit the headquarters to search for potential villagers.  There will be villagers in the plaza with a small (…) bubble above their head. Upon approaching them, they will then “think outloud” and provide a preview of their request and expectation. If the player is interested, then they can just accept their request.


Approaching a villager with a (...) above their head, will give the player an idea of what their request will be. Translation: "In my next house, I want to train to pilot a spacecraft"


After completing the request for one of the villagers, this was the final product of my creation. (What a nerd!)

The possibilities are limitless and there is no bells required for the usage of the catalog. Especially since some requests are made by Isabelle and she requires you to do public projects modeling such as a school, a café, a hospital, and a little shop. After completing those three public works, other options such as a restaurant and mall will be available for you to design.


Class is now in session!...Who is really going to pay attention?


Je veux une tranche de gâteau s'il vous plaît!


Can I buy Doritos? No? Wynaut!? Oh wait, wrong game!

Amiibo Function

If you read my first article, a player who owns a Villager Amiibo may receive a gold villager trophy as a furniture to use. Unfortunately, I do not have this Amiibo and to give a further review on that experience is currently unavailable.

After a request from few villagers, they install a phone with the ability to make phone calls to villagers. This is where the Amiibo card can be scanned, depending on the character of the card, you will offer your service to that villager. This game is package with 1 random Amiibo Card, just 1 card! That was rather disappointing because I thought the game was packaged with 3 cards not 1! (Oh well, i brought two 6 packs anyways so the hell with that!) In the random packaging, I happened to get K.K. Slider.

When I scanned my K.K. Slider Amiibo card, my villager contacted K. K. Slider through the phone and he was on board. After the conversation in the phone, he was invited to come over to Happy Home Headquarters to discuss what he wanted in his house. K.K. Slider then requested his home to be created having white furniture (how racist that sounded, then again I have my game in French setting so I may not be reading this correctly). However, I did add a lot of “white” funiture (Ivory looks about white, right?) with the inclusion of his DJ system and latest (what was available at the moment) singles hanging on the wall. Plus his laptop et guitar ready because a producer must be always be prepared to create music.


Final Thought

  • Animal Crossing Happy Home Designer is currently receiving mixed reviews because of the new direction the game. Going from the standard life-simulation genre to the sandbox genre that is similar to Disney Infinity except Nintendoish.
  • This game is perfect for players who prefer to exercise their creative mind and loves to take control of what is impossible in real life (My sister says I enjoy controlling this game because I have no actual control over my life!).
  • The Amiibo Cards are not necessary to enjoy this game as the player may simply just exit the Happy Home headquarters and talk to villagers with a cloud bubble giving a preview of what they expect. However, it’s more of a physical DLC…in a blind pack…having no idea what you’re getting…but getting the rush of either getting a super rare Amiibo card or a duplicate card.
  • The “there is no set goal” in this game is quite evident, so if you’re a completionist, then I would focus more on the Amiibo card collection.



Apparently since I was reading in french, “Carte Blanche” means blank card by context.  However, after receiving a few more packs of cards, some characters do have a prerequisite

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