Amiibo Wave Without Woes

Written by Will Blears

Today I went to GameStop to pre-order the Xenoblade Chronicles Special Edition and the Retro TrioPack. Upon requesting for the trio-pack, the clerk offered me to purchase other Amiibo for Wave 5B available in their stock. To my surprise, they offered me all of wave 5B, including the highly anticipated 30th Anniversary ClassicMario Amiibo. Although I was stunned with the long list, I was unfortunately unable to purchase any amiibo at the moment.

Today’s experience made me realize that Nintendo is not only supplying sufficient amount of Store Exclusive Amiibo, but also meeting demands with other Amiibo in the US. This Amiibo Wave also faces online flickering, meaning that the recent Amiibo are available for an online-order for an hour, then go out of stock. However, a short while later, these Amiibo can be ordered online again.

Guess Amiibo short demand will be a toy of the past, however, will this be the same for future Amiibo?

Did you get the Amiibo you wanted? Please share your victory on the comment!


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Will Blears

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