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Amazon Amiibo Preorders

Palutena Update: She is an Amazon Exclusive and will be available on Friday 24th July 2015 – find out more here.

MAJOR UPDATE: Just to be clear, the links below contain a referral from this website which if you purchase through will give this website a small percentage of the overall value of your sale, back to the website. You can find out what happens with this money here.

Was Estaban the Amiibo Prophet telling the truth? Will Amazon unleash their SSB Wave 4 preorders at 12PM PST (3PM EST, 2PM CST, 1PM MST, 8PM GMT, 4AM DST) ? If so, make sure you have our simple solution to adding all your most wanted products to your Amazon cart quickly, check the add to cart URL packs below, otherwise use the single product page URLs, otherwise let me know and I will create a product pack URL for you.

Page Triggers for Amazon

If my eyes are not deceiving me (they definitely could be, with the lack of sleep) Amazon have just been updating some of the long product descriptions of the Amiibo products – this could be the start…

For anyone looking to preorder Amiibo figures for Splatoons & Super Smash Bros then check out the following links which will add the products directly to your cart!

Super Smash Bros – Add all to cart automatically

Note (link test): For those testing the links below, they probably won’t work yet as the products are not in stock – please check the following link as a test (it’s 2 in stock amiibos) – check here.

When the bell rings there is going to be chaos, with that being said – the following button will allow you to automatically add all SSB Wave 4 heroes (available on Amazon) to cart automatically, meaning you can hopefully avoid the rush and get them straight away.

 Click here to automatically add SSB Wave 4 characters to cart & buy!

Click the button above for Charizard, Pac-Man, Robin, Lucina & Wario – unfortunately Amazon are not supplying Greninja (TRU exclusive) or Jiggylypuff.

Robin & Lucina Combination…

Click here for Robin & Lucina – auto add to cart link

SSB Wave 4 & Splatoon Series 1 Splat Pack…

Click here for SSB Wave 4 (Charizard, Pac-Man, Robin, Lucina & Wario) & Splat-Pack (Boy, Girl & Squid) – auto add to cart link

Splatoon Boy & Splatoon Girl

Click here for Splatoon Boy & Splatoon Girl – auto add to cart link

Lucina & Inkling Girl

Click here for Lucina & Inkling girl – auto add to cart link

Robin, Lucina & Wario

Click here for Robin, Lucina & Wario – auto add to cart link

Robin, Lucina & Charizard

Click here for Robin, Lucina & Charizard – auto add to cart link

Robin, Lucina, Wario & Splat-Pack

Click here for Robin, Lucina, Wario & Splat-Pack

Robin, Lucina & Pac-Man

Click here for Robin, Lucina & Pac-man

SSB 4 – Except Pac Man

Click here for Charizard, Robin, Lucina & Wario

Charizard, Pac-Man & Wario

Click here for Charizard, Pac-Man & Wario

Lucina & Charizard

Click here for Lucina & Charizard

Robin, Lucina & Splat Pack

Click here for Robin, Lucina & Splat Pack

Lucina, Charizard & Splat Pack

Click here for Lucina, Charizard & Splat Pack

Lucina, Wario, Pac-Man, Inkling Boy & Yoshi

Click here for Lucina, Charizard & Splat Pack

Robin, Lucina & Inkling Girl

Click here for Robin, Lucina & Inkling Girl

Robin, Charizard & Splat Pack

Click here for Robin, Charizard & Splat Pack

Lucina & Pacman

Click here for Lucina & Pacman


Below are the singular add to cart links, if you want any other add to cart combinations other than the above, let me know in the comments below.

Single product page URLs below

Also, if you just want singular products or need to check product information check these product page URLs:

Add To Cart Link
Pac Man
Add to cart
Add to cart
Add to cart
Add to cart
Add to cart
Inkling Boy
Add to cart
Inkling Girl
Add to cart
Splat Pack
Add to cart

I’ve also added products which are currently quite difficult to buy on Amazon for RRP below.

Add To Cart Link
Add to cart
Add to cart
Add to cart
Wii Fit Trainer
Add to cart

Please let me know if you want any other add to cart combination links 🙂

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